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What happened to gorge net?

So what happened to gorge.net?  Gorge.net is currently (as of this writing on Sept 15, 2023) down as the page and gorge.net were bought out or rather in a way merged with Blue Mountain.

Here at gorgeclassified.net we have a free plan that allows  you to post a few ads for free.  This site here is created and uses some of the latest technology offered such as hosting and WP Engine to run the backend ensuring that your information is safe and secure.

The classified ads here in the Gorge have been a thriving community for a long time and we felt it was necessary to keep it going here at gorgeclassified.net

Thank you for reading and we hope to bring you the best classified experience we can bring!  Enjoy!

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  • judy nelson

    9 months ago / October 2, 2023 @ 1:26 am

    Why aaare you asking location and category like BM? That was one ofthe beauties of Gorgener classifieds as it

    was open and free and did nottry to categorize.

    Plus, I want to put in several WANTED and there is no category for that.

    Same with FREE.

    I thinkg you need to be as similar as possible to the old Gorge.net.

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